New Era of DeFi 2.0

โครงการ DEFIAI ถอดรหัสการขุดสภาพคล่องอัจฉริยะของ DEFI . ได้อย่างสมบูรณ์แบบ

DEFIAI project

The market and trend in the field of cryptographic DEFI are changing rapidly. It makes us want to bring the Compound of "DeFi Summer". Compound uses "liquidity mining" to reward contributors to the agreement, which allows Compound to quickly start the agreement at an early stage.

Since the projects based on liquidity mining have emerged, ushering in an era of open financial platforms led by Uniswap, Aave and Yearn Finance. People began to flock to projects with high annual interest rates (APY) and become "Yield Farmer" to make profits from DeFi.

However, this liquidity mining model may be a double-edged sword. Although mobility mining can help guide the agreement in the early stages of community building, its disadvantages are obvious. Follow the continuous release of liquidity supply compensation. There is a selling pressure, which makes the model unsustainable in the long run.

In order to make up for liquidity mining, DeFi services attract users with a high APY, and the high inflation of circulating tokens eventually leads to generation.

The price of coins has gone down.

In addition to the short life cycle of the project due to mobility mining, the current DeFi 1.0 project also has too much investment and too much attention to the TVL index.

TVL index has almost become an indirect industry standard, so if users only focus on TVL, the project will spend more money to subsidize the project to attract investment and users, but the money in these pools has not really flowed, and users have not been activated, so they have no intention of contributing to the development of the agreement. Once APY (annualized rate of return) decreases, users will withdraw their funds.

DeFi 2.0 is primarily about changing the relationship between capital providers and the agreement itself, which requires the project to obtain funding to support its financial applications, rather than tapping users' money by using liquidity mining incentives to attract users.

The innovation of DeFi 2.0 is to allow the agreement to have its own liquidity, which is in sharp contrast to DeFi 1.0, where the agreement obtains TVL by providing the best user experience and improving financial liquidity.

As central banks such as the Federal Reserve tighten liquidity measures, Huobi Research believes that BTC will enter a bear market, but DeFi will continue to be expanded and adopted, because the advantages of DeFi2.0 are intelligent liquidity mining, non-loss automatic mining,use stable coins to earn stable coins, etc., which is undoubtedly the best good news in a bear market.

Even if a bear market comes, DeFi2.0 's products are the best choice, for example, DEFIAI is not only risk averse and able to make profit.

1. About DEFIAI

DEFIAI, which belongs to DEFI2.0, is a community-driven protocol, automated portfolio manager, liquidity provider and price sensor that supports decentralized transactions and the self-control of tokens on Bsc blockchains and other EVM-compatible systems.

Dynamic portfolio management.

DEFIAI eventually developed into a one-stop DeFi product in the cross-chain asset aggregation and income market. DEFIAI's liquidity mining, income aggregator, transaction aggregation, financial management enhanced insurance, one-click aggregate lending, etc., the product form is mainly a DeFi aggregator platform, which meets the all-round financial needs of funds, and provides users with a growth point. So that they can immediately know their future returns in advance.

2. Advantages of DEFIAI

DEFIAI is a decentralized, multi-strategy and high-yield intelligent aggregator for DEFI2.0 to help users intelligently use DEFI mining, real-time capture of high-yield pool, automatic completion of compound interest, to get ultra-high income.

One-click Mining

When the user allocates the funds to the preferred DEFIAI protocol, DEFIAI will automatically screen the high-yield agreement, participate in liquidity mining, open mining with one click, and mine across chains to capture the first mine, so that novice players can easily get started with higher income.

Low handling fee

DEFIAI can switch between different protocols and mining pools to filter out the highest revenue. The Gas fee spent on invoking these contracts is centrally operated by AI, and the Gas fee is shared by users to effectively reduce the operation fee cost.

Ultra-high mobility

Users' funds are flexible to deposit and withdraw with no time and amount limit.

Automatic reinvestment

DEFIAI puts the income earned by the stable strategy pool into the high-yield compound interest strategy pool, and automatically compound interest in each high-yield pool, and then automatically transfer the income to the stable strategy pool every week, constantly compound interest arbitrage, while ensuring the safety of users' funds at the same time to make profit.

Security of DEFIAI

DEFIAI is an intelligent contract deployed on the BSC chain, and the DEFIAI deployment strategy filters the header DeFi protocol with code audit and high pool liquidity, which basically ensures that the fund is safe before opening the policy pool, and the security has been greatly improved.

Lastly, DEFIAI not only has the characteristics of decentralization, intelligence, safety and efficiency, but also has many advantages, such as automatic continuous re-investment, low transaction fee, fast switching strategy, always aiming at high-yield mining, and so on.

DEFIAI will revolve around its core value-turning liquidity into the infrastructure layer of DeFi, on which DeFi will become more sustainable.

From this analysis, DEFIAI itself is the concrete manifestation of the inevitable evolution trend of DeFi. DeFi is like a living creature, it needs to improve its various parts, and eventually become a self-reinforcing and sustainable technological evolution trend that can be independent of any intermediary.

DEFIAI will become the bright "pearl" of the DeFi 2.0 era, and time will tell us everything!