New Era of DeFi 2.0

DEFIAI는 주요 취약점 없이 Certik 감사를 통과했습니다.


The intelligent contract technical code of DeFi2.0 platform income aggregator platform DEFIAI has been audited by Certik, a well-known blockchain security audit institution in the United States.

In the audit process, Certik made full use of dynamic analysis, static analysis and manual review and other technologies to conduct a comprehensive review of the project agreement.

In the course of the audit, special attention was paid to the following:

1. Test all common and rare attack vectors for smart contracts.

2.Evaluate whether the code base meets current best practices and industry standards.

3. Ensure that the logic of the contract is in line with the design specification and design purpose.

4. Refer to and compare the similar structure developed by the industry.

5. Manually check the entire code base line by line.

The report shows that Certik found no major vulnerabilities in all areas of DEFIAI, and DEFIAI passed the security check of Certik and deeply optimized the code according to the recommendations of the security team.

After the audit, Certik reconfirmed that the technical code delivered by DEFIAI was at a very high level of security and affirmed the initiative of the DEFIAI team to perform security tests.

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DEFIAI belongs to DEFI2.0, is a community-driven protocol, automated investment manager, liquidity supplier, which supports decentralized trading and automated portfolio management on Bsc chains and other chains.

Besides that, DEFIAI eventually developed into an one-stop DeFi product with cross-chain asset aggregation and income market, dedicated to creating a open and free financial world in which everyone can participate.

Also, DEFIAI liquidity mining, income aggregator, transaction aggregation, financial management enhanced insurance, one-click aggregate lending,

etc. is mainly form by DeFi aggregator platform, to meet the financial needs of all aspects of capital, it provides users with a growth point, so that they can immediately know their future rate of return in advance.

About Certik.

Certik was founded in New York and Silicon Valley at the end of 2017 and opened its Beijing office in early 2019.

The company was founded by research teams from Yale University and Columbia University with decades of research results, tested in the form of "in-depth specification" technology that provides code security audit services for blockchain applications and intelligent contracts.

A part of that, with its solid technical strength and innovation capability, Certik has reached security cooperation and service promotion with well-known digital currency exchanges at home and abroad, such as currency Security, OKE Bank, Fire Coin, KuCoin, etc.,

and has also established strategic cooperation relations with more than ten mainstream public chains, such as Ant NEO, Quantum chain QTUM, Ontology ONT, etc.