New Era of DeFi 2.0

Is the bear market coming soon? Towards DEFIAI to teach you to avoid risks and make high profits against the trend.

avoid risks make profits

After the roulette of time enters 2022, for people in the encrypted currency circle, it is not the joy of the New year, but the sad face brought by the "bear market", especially in the past week, for some investors in the cryptocurrency circle, it was a disastrous week, in which the price of Bitcoin fell nearly 30%, halving from the all-time high of $68928.9 in November 2021. Is it really a bear market coming?

So how do we lay out in a bear market not only to make assets safe?

One of the bear market winter strategies is liquidity mining. Please note that the liquidity mining here is DeFi. DeFi2.0 is an upgraded version of DeFi, and its mechanism is superior!

Its advantages are intelligent liquidity mining, lossless automatic mining, using stable coins to earn stable coins, etc., which is undoubtedly the good news in a bear market. Even if a bear market comes, DeFi2.0 's products are the best choice. For example, going to DEFIAI is not only a risk aversion, but also a profit.

After such an operation, ordinary users of small assets can get the return on investment and even can not cover their transaction costs. As a result, the gradual increase in Gas fees limits the participation of small transactions and small asset users.

The liquidity mining of DEFIAI has higher income and less risk. The liquidity mining we often talk about refers to the process that through the DeFi products with mining machine system, two kinds of token assets are deposited on the decentralized platform according to the proportional requirements, and the liquidity is generated by providing transactions for the capital pool of the two tokens.

After the bear market, there must be a period of bottom, and the time may be as long as half a year. The currency price fluctuates little during this period, which is very suitable for liquidity mining, and it has lossless automatic mining in DEFIAI, saving Usd to earn Usd, the key point to be drawn is that there is no impermanent loss in DEFIAI.

DEFIAI liquidity mining has a unique bright spot, that is, it saves Usd to earn Usd, so that liquidity can be sustained. Other projects of the same type need to be involved in liquidity mining, which is difficult to sustain because users usually have to take long positions in tokens to provide liquidity and liquidity mining.

It also means that in a bear market, when prices fall, gains may not offset the loss of holding tokens. DEFIAI's mobile mining platform is one way to solve this problem and could become one of the few safe platforms that can still make money during the bear market.

As one of the representative projects of DeFi2.0, DEFIAI has many advantages, such as lossless automatic mining and one-key operation,Flexi deposit and withdrawal , no lockup, etc., and the APY of mobile mining is stable at 400%, which is very attractive. These superior functions further push DeFi2.0 to the public without a threshold, so that more people can enjoy the dividend of DeFi2.0 development.

As central banks such as the Federal Reserve tighten liquidity measures, Huobi Research believes that BTC will enter a bear market in the near future, and DeFi will continue to be expanded and adopted.

DEFIAI development will comply with the trend, and as not only to solve the main problems of financial efficiency and sustainability, but also to provide mature products with high income potential to the users. DEFIAI will certainly have a bright future.