New Era of DeFi 2.0

DEFIAI Products

Smart contract platform which is automatically matched with the optimal DeFi mining yield on the market.

DEFIAI Product

AI refers to the system and machine which can imitate human intelligence for task execution and conduct iterative improvement based on the collected information. AI owns various forms. DEFIAI AI has various applications such as AI investment, collection trade, automatic compound interest, risk control, etc.

DEFIAI will screen stable cash pooling to help users earn yield. Project screening must meet the code open- sourcing, complete verification of project, audit of famous institutions, and cashl pooling depth. DEFIAI will also screen more types of cash pooling and platforms such as the third-party vault, aggregate asset platform, etc.

strategy pool
compound interest

DEFIAI owns an independent data engine, public opinion analysis and intelligent monitoring to avoid users missing the message about high yield and to obtain the headmine, stake lending,, stake mining, leverage , etc. in real time, invests the yield earned from stable pool in the ultra-high profit pool, and conducts automatic compound interest in various profit pools to generate ultra-high compound yield when guaranteeing capital safety.