New Era of DeFi 2.0

Latest DEFIAI News

Latest DEFIAI News
8 Jan 2022 08:05 AM GMT+8 · 4 min read

Introducing DeFi Artificial Intelligent (DeFiAi)

Today we are glad to present to our readers this awesome project that we are diving in to know more about their ecosystem, how their platform works, and how they use AI technology to connect to there business....
future of finance decentralized
26 Jan 2022 08:11 AM GMT+8 · 4 min read

DEFI — Is the future of finance decentralized? Why is DEFI needed?

Decentralize finance (DeFi) is changing the way that people all over the world think about money faster than any previous financial revolution. Banks, which have monopolized the way we’ve accessed money since antiquity...
25 Jan 2022 09:21 AM GMT+8 · 3 min read

Introducing of DeFi2.0 Intelligent Ecology (DEFIAI)

DEFIAI is a decentralized intelligent aggregator of DeFi 2.0 with multi-strategies and high returns. It assists the users to complete the DEFI mining intelligently, capture the high-return pool in real-time, complete the compound interest and generate the high return...
Medium News
26 Jan 2022 12:30 AM GMT+8 · 4 min read

No-loss auto mining off to a strong start on DEFIAI

DEFIAI launched last December and keeps achieving milestones ever since. DEFIAI could aggregate the capital, service, and interfaces, giving the highest and most stable APY300%-500%...
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25 Jan 2022 02:11 AM GMT+8 · 3 min read

DeFiAi Launches Official Token As It Plans Airdrop

DFAI total issue volume will be 2,000,000,000.00 (2 billion). DFAI will also be regarded as the safety and strategy media. The decentralized and automated governance motivates the participants and the goal of security, sustainability, and participant welfare is the key to the successful DeFi agreement...


DEFIAI project

DEFIAI project is perfectly decipher the smart liquidity mining of DEFI The market and trend in the field of cryptographic DEFI are changing rapidly. It makes us want to bring the Compound of “DeFi Summer”. …

avoid risks make profits

Is the bear market coming soon?

Is the bear market coming soon? Towards DEFIAI to teach you to avoid risks and make high profits against the trend. After the roulette of time enters 2022, for people in the encrypted currency circle, …

DEFIAI dividend

DEFIAI: Let the general public easily enjoy the dividend at DeFi. DeFi, also known as Decentralized Finance, has won the favor and support of most users. In the meantime, the popularity of DeFi and the …


Why DEFIAI ? DeFi, also known as Decentralized Finance, In the past centuries, the financial service has been provided by the central authorities, which are the reliable intermediary agencies. They need to evaluate the risk …


DEFIAI passes Certik audit with no major vulnerabilities The intelligent contract technical code of DeFi2.0 platform income aggregator platform DEFIAI has been audited by Certik, a well-known blockchain security audit institution in the United States. …

What Is DeFi?

What Is DeFi? DeFi, also known as Decentralized Finance, is an umbrella term for a host of activities that cut the middleman out of traditional financial services like banking. It encompasses loans, interest-earning accounts, money …