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DFAI Token

DeFi 2.0 Intelligent Ecology, Make DeFi more Intelligent

Capital Structure

24h Volume


Pool Size


Market Cap


24h Low- High

$0.018- $0.030

24h Amount




Total Supply


About DFAI Token

DFAI token will become the governance token of the system and authorize DFAI holders to vote for platform updates. Combined with the government mechanism and incentive holders, it will serve as a means of coordinating different stakeholders in the system.

DFAI will also be regarded as the safety and strategy media. The decentralized and automated governance motivates the participants and the goal of security, sustainability and participant welfare is the key to the successful DeFi agreement.


Total issue volume: 2,000,000,000.00 (2 billion) Token distribution of DEFIAI

1)Mining: 78%

Aggregate supply: 1,560,000,000.00 (1.56 billion)
• 16 DEFIAI coins will be generated in each block every 3 seconds.
• Mining output in the intelligent contract: 12 years
• After the DFAI token is pledged, the principal will be locked for 72 hours. If the currency is withdrawn within 72 hours, the principal will be fined 1%, and the bank charge will be provided to the system to repurchase DFAI.

2) Team holds 15%

Aggregate supply: 300,000,000.00 (generated by the block "mining")

3) Market promotion 5% (airdrop)

Aggregate supply: 100,000,000.00 (release in batches in accordance with the market promotion)

4) Issue volume of foundation 2% (Pancake)

Aggregate supply: 40,000,000.00 (40 million)

5) Profit distribution of pleaded DFAI:

• 5% of the profits will be used in the exchange pool to buy back dfai and destroy it.
• 95% of the profits will be applied as follows:
➩ 5% will be applied to the operating cost.
➪ 5% will be applied to purchase BNB, build the flow pool for users to pledge DFAI.
➪85% will be applied to buy back DFAI, maintain and promote the price rise of DFAI.

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