New Era of DeFi 2.0


Decentralized multi-strategy high-yield aggregator based on AI trading.

About DEFIAI project

DEFIAI is fully intelligent one-stop service platform

Users can complete a series of DEFIAI behaviors such as intelligent deposit, lending, leverage mining, cross-chain mining, grabbing headmine, automatic compound interest, etc. As a result, Strict risk control mechanism of DEFIAI can generate ultra-high compound interest when guaranteeing the users' fund security.

DEFIAI aggregation yield deems “professionalization, efficiency, simplification and transparency of digital asset AI" as long-term mission, builds perfect and strict risk control system within three years to furthest provide safe and convenient strategy service for users, and devotes to construct the ecological win-win strategy through data, engine, AI, etc.

Advantage of DEFIAI
The DEFIAI team takes "the professionalization, efficiency, simplification, and transparency of digital asset artificial intelligence services" as its long-term mission to build a stable asset gathering platform DEFIAI, to provide users with safe and convenient strategic services to the greatest extent, and is committed to passing data , Engines, AI and other technical means to build intelligent strategies to build a win-win ecosystem.
The DEFIAI team hopes that the stable asset aggregate plat-form DEFIAI will become the DeFi aggregate platform with the most users in the world.
The founding team members of DEFIAI artificial intelligence trading have many years of experience in the fields of financial technology, investment industry, education, capital manage-ment, digital currency and blockchain, and have excellent control in product experience, security technology, business strategy, and marketing. The team members are the top geeks from USA, Japan, Switzerland and Singapore, etc., including the well-known tenured professors in computer, mathematics and finance.

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