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What is DEFIAI ?

DEFIAI is a decentralized, multi-strategy, high-yield aggregator that can help users intelligently complete DeFi lending, leverage mining, capture high-yield mining pools from time to time, automatically complete compound interest, and generate ultra-high returns.

Built as a decentralized finance protocol, DeFiAi has recently become the First Ai decentralized exchange (DEX) in the world. The DEFIAI team will release a series of credit certification data service products.

In addition, these products are based on the support of the underlying blockchain partners. At the same time, the blockchain parameter targets of existing derivatives will be added.

The DEFIAI community will use these credit data Design new DeFi products on the basis of derivatives and derivatives. The DEFIAI platform uses the AI intelligent system to screen safe and stable DeFi pools that have been audited by security audit institutions.

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New Era of DeFi 2.0

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DeFiAi is the protocol of DeFi2.0, which changes DeFi through Compound Strategy protocol (CSP) protocol, which provides the highest lossless and stable APY in the industry, ultra-fast composite strategy, and automatically completes a series of DeFi operations.

The best Strategy+DeFi2.0 protocol, through the following mechanisms:

This agreement will be using Defi2.0 Compound Strategy protocol to avoid losses caused by token rise and fall by using ultra-fast strategy protocol, while increasing compound interest and position leverage to obtain high APY. We are confident that we will continue to obtain the highest stable lossless APY in the industry and maintain more than 200% APY in three years!

Frequently Asked Questions

DEFIAI is aimed at releasing the true values of decentralized finance, and providing the all-round digital asset exposure and diversified products and service for the users, so that everyone could access, create and trade the ideal synthetic product agreement without restrictions.

DeFi 2.0 aims at solving the general problem that exists in the liquidity supply and its mechanism thoroughly. It is designed to provide financial service to the public.

DEFIAI belongs to DEFI2.0. Most importantly, It is a community-driven agreement, automates portfolio managers, liquidity providers and price sensors, and supports the decentralized trading.

The users allocate funds to the preferred DEFi agreement and DeFIAi will automatically screen the high-return agreement, to join in the liquidity mining. 

DEFIAI is a smart contract on the BSC chain. As a result, the DEFIAI deployment strategy filters all head DeFi protocols with code audited and high pool liquidity, so that the strategy pool could be opened only when the funds are basically guaranteed to be worry free, and the safety could be greatly improved.